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DESTIN, FL | APRIL 29 & 30, 2024


What Are You Going to Learn?

Marketing Insights

We will provide new Marketing insights, tools & technology that help create efficiencies, generate new income potentials, and drive brand awareness. The attendees will gain new insight and learn how to leverage their influence and authority in their perspective industries.

Sales Strategies and Tactics

We will provide “World Class” Sales Strategies and Tactics to help LEVEL UP Sales teams and/or individuals to the top of their game.

Raising Capital

We will provide effective strategies for Raising Capital and getting the attention of Investors.

Personal Development

We will provide the opportunity to LEVEL UP Personal Development and help inspire and motivate individuals to play a new game while being focused on improving all aspects of life.

Mastermind: Explosive Growth

Explore a range of ticket options tailored to your Level Up experience, including General Admission and VIP access, each offering unique benefits to enhance your journey. For those seeking an unparalleled opportunity for explosive growth, our VIP Elite Business Mastermind, led by Jeff Hoffman, is an exclusive, invite-only event designed to elevate your business. Held in the serene setting of Grayton Beach, Florida, this event provides deep insights, accountability, and elite networking. Elevate your experience further and save with an early bird ticket. Discover the right ticket for you and join industry leaders in transforming your trajectory.

  • Jeff Hoffman

    Jeff has successfully built and scaled multiple businesses across various industries, allowing him to provide practical insights that resonate with diverse audiences.

  • Dave Clare

    Dave Clare brings over two decades of leadership excellence, guiding businesses through complex challenges with a focus on simplicity and purpose.

  • Coach Micheal Burt

    Coach Micheal Burt is recognized as the unparalleled authority in awakening the Prey Drive within individuals and guiding them to unparalleled accomplishments. 

  • Dhomonique Murphy

    Dhomonique Murphy, a 3x Emmy-winning TV personality and founder of The Right Method, specializes in brand revitalization through branding, video, and PR since 2013.

  • Chris Cumby

    Christopher’s advisory campaigns have helped multiple tech companies and other start-up companies exceed their desired expectations into the 100’s of millions in the public markets.

  • Chris Josten

    Chris has been in the marketing industry for more than 20 years, with over half of them dedicated to building exceptional and clean web experiences and campaigns that are built around solid marketing strategies.

    Level Up 2023: Recap – Get Inspired for 2024!

    2024 Event Location: Explore Our Dynamic Venue

    Destin, FL

    Now transformed into an awe-inspiring event space, Shoreline Church is not your average venue—it’s an electrifying hub within walking distance of Destin Harbor Boardwalk and HarborWalk Village. Imagine soaking in the atmosphere in a place that seamlessly blends its musical legacy with a modern twist. With a 500-seat capacity, this powerhouse venue features a main stage, cozy coffee nooks, and vibrant networking spaces.

    Join us for an unforgettable fusion of history, music, and community at Shoreline Church. It’s not just an event; it’s an experience. See you there, ready to level up!

    Entrepreneurs, CEO and Established Business Owners

    500+ Person Event

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    Chris Cumby
    Kevin Branton
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