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Mastermind: Explosive Growth

One of the most important investments you can make as an entrepreneur is in yourself to grow, learn, and consistently be inspired and pushed. Even some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry continue to invest in personal Mastermind groups, VIP Days, and Retreats. Investing in yourself can not only help push you forward on your journey, but it can also help increase your yield of returns in the future.

The purpose of this Mastermind is to help you have explosive growth with your business through knowledge, connections, accountability, and marketing and branding tactics. This Mastermind is limited and is an application and invite-only.

VIP Elite & Exclusive Business Mastermind $3497 save $900 on purchasing an Early Bird ticket.

“Don’t chase money, chase excellence.”

– Jeff Hoffman

This ticket grants you all the benefits of a VIP ticket, plus access to attend the mastermind event on Wednesday, May 1st, with Jeff Hoffman facilitating a private business mastermind network with other business owners. This event is designed as a half-day business mastermind and half-day networking experience, where participants will enjoy a tour of the Grayton Beach / Seaside area on YOLO Bolt electric bikes, concluding the day with dinner and a beach bonfire. It’s an exclusive opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The experience will take place at a private beach house in Grayton Beach, Florida.

Mastermind Speakers

Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman, co-founder and acclaimed entrepreneur, possesses a proven success record in business development. Globally recognized for his entrepreneurial contributions, he’s committed to elevating individuals and companies to their peak potential.

Why Did We Choose Jeff Hoffman?

  • World-Class Entrepreneur: Jeff Hoffman’s expertise as a co-founder of, a multi-billion-dollar company, positions him as a true authority on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Real-World Experience: Jeff has successfully built and scaled multiple businesses across various industries, allowing him to provide practical insights that resonate with diverse audiences.
  • Engaging SPeaker: With his captivating storytelling and interactive presentation style, Jeff connects with attendees on a personal level, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring action.
  • Global Recognition: Jeff’s achievements have been recognized globally, including prestigious accolades such as the Champion of Entrepreneurship Award from Citibank and JP Morgan Chase, ELected to Entrepreneur’s Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Award from the National CEO Council, and the Global Humanitarian Award from Disney and Be Great Foundation.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • World Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Forbes Under 30 Summit
  • TEDx Talks
  • SXSW Interactive

Dave Clare

Dave Clare, founder of Circle Leadership and seasoned leadership expert, excels in driving businesses forward with clarity and purpose. Recognized for his innovative leadership strategies, he’s committed to enhancing organizational and individual growth.

Why Did We Choose Dave Clare?

  • Leadership Authority: Dave Clare brings over two decades of leadership excellence, guiding businesses through complex challenges with a focus on simplicity and purpose. His hands-on experience and effective methodologies ensure a legacy of achievement and joy in the workplace, resonating with all stakeholders.
  • Versatile Expert: As the founder of Circle Leadership and a prominent mentor and speaker, Dave’s roles across various organizations underline his commitment to nurturing leadership skills. His work, including best-selling publications and innovative leadership models, showcases his thought leadership in business evolution.
  • Impactful Contributions: Dave’s strategies and insights, shared through keynotes, books, and the “The Evolution of Business Show” podcast, have made him a sought-after figure in the leadership domain. His ongoing projects and mentorship roles reflect a dedication to empowering leaders and shaping the future of business.

Dave is often a sought-after Keynote Speaker and is a:

  • Published author of SIMPLIFIED
  • Co-author of FIT-FOR-PURPOSE LEADERSHIP (Best Seller)
  • Co-author of PANDEMIC PLAYBOOK – What to do when you haven’t got a f#cking clue
  • Co-author of PIVOT & GROW
  • Co-author of WOMEN LEADING. MORE. NOW (Bestseller)
  • Currently working on his next book; YOU CAN’T BOSS SOMEONE INTO GREATNESS.