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Chris Josten

Founder & CEO of
Curiosity Marketing Group

Chris has been in the marketing industry for more than 20 years, with over half of them dedicated to building exceptional and clean web experiences and campaigns that are built around solid marketing strategies.

Almost 10 years ago, Chris started his brainchild of an agency, Curiosity Marketing Group. There was a massive void for agencies that focused on the clients’ why and began flushing out a process that was beyond successful over the years.  With a passion for experimenting with the “next big thing” he stays focused on making sure that each new marketing campaign is rock solid. Since the beginning, Chris has worked with businesses of all sizes; from individual entrepreneurs and their brands to large corporations, including Toyota, Bacardi and many more.

The growing and ever-changing internet presents different opportunities and unique solutions for clients of all sizes. Chris has a knack for building the proper Digital DNA based on the need to help build businesses and take them to the next level.