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Mo Hasan

Founder and CEO of Intupower

Mo Hasan is a modern-day renaissance man. He is a social entrepreneur, award-winning trainer, speaker, author, music producer, fashion designer, chef, ballroom dancer, futurist, technologist, and philanthropist. Mr. Hasan is the Founder and CEO of Intupower, a corporate training firm, and Co-Founder of Creations Society, a non-profit organization focused on community development and education for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, and creators. He is the author of Organizing the Universes, The Truth about SharePoint, Retirement Planning for Federal Employees, and Building Financial Security.

For more than two decades, Mr. Hasan has integrated emerging technologies with the latest in neuroscience to provide business and government leaders with innovative tools for success. He has been a trainer and featured speaker at many prestigious organizations, including the US Supreme Court, The World Bank, Microsoft, Verizon, Citigroup, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and numerous Fortune 500 organizations. Serving as the Technology Liaison on the first US Judicial Diplomatic Delegation to South Korea and training US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in workflow automation technologies are some of his career highlights.

Mr. Hasan’s passion for creating a world that works by working together shines through in every venture and project he pursues. His commitment to young social entrepreneurs is to provide them with the tools and skills they need to share their talents with the world. He believes that collaboration and education are the driving forces behind the transformation of our species into a single global community. He serves as a Mentor at Apprentice Worldwide and teaches leadership workshops for the greater Miami community.