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Mike Sanders


Mike Sanders, M.A.Ed, CSCS has been a human performance coach for 23 years and counting.  Mike holds an insatiable curiosity and passion that centers on the science, philosophy, and theology of optimizing human potential.  He believes that many of us only scratch the surface of our untapped potential.  

Mike received his master’s of education with an emphasis in exercise science in 1999.  As a human performance coach, he has been blessed to be part of many athletic team successes including back-to-back national championships in D-I collegiate men’s ice hockey.  In 2010, he left athletics to work with United States military special operations and is currently working as the human performance and wellness coordinator for Army Special Forces.  Mike has co-created books on human performance optimization and published his first book last year.  He is a national speaker and is the founder and president of Junto Tribe Ministry as well as the founder of Holos Human Performance.  He has extensive experience and knowledge preparing and healing athletes (Division I, professional, and Olympic) and tactical personnel (Green Berets, SEALs, and firefighters) physically, mentally, and spiritually for and from the rigors of competition, combat, and work.  He is also growing his practice to teach these proven principles for optimizing human potential to entrepreneurs.  

Mike enjoys spending time with his family and friends, loves to read, learn, write, think, and train.  To unwind, he enjoys going paddle boarding, sitting quietly in the great outdoors, and watching movies.  Mike is married to his wonderful wife, Julie, and has two daughters named Grace and Chayla.