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John Marrone

Owner of Real Estate Mastery Coaching

John Marrone is a High-Performance Transformation Specialist and the owner of Real Estate Mastery Coaching. He is known as a top sales and mindset coach for the Real Estate Industry.  He has coached/trained over 10k Real Estate Agents on proven conversion techniques, with a conversion rate of 33% over the last 5 years.. When he’s not coaching (or spending time with the family) he shares the stage with other impactful leaders like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Ed Mylett, Erich Thomas, and Trent Shelton & More. He helps agents amplify their productivity through many different strategies. But most importantly he gives people the tools to rewire their mindsets and framework to step out of self-sabotage, self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs and to step into confidence, action, and a new perspective on how to handle obstacles. 

It all started with his own rewiring. Coming from addiction, homelessness, anger, and being completely lost in his identity was job compounded ad decision after bad decision which put him in jail. Then almost losing his life in Hurricane Sandy he decided to make TRUE and LONG LASTING change. He has dedicated his life to transforming himself, the way people perceive his last name, overcoming the odds, and helping others do the same. Providing people with the hope, belief, and tools to live life by design.

John is known for his raw and real energy tied with vulnerability and coaching strategies that help transform the business and the lives of agents across the USA and Canada. He is local to the Emerald Coast and is an angel investor in multiple companies as well as invest in RE as well.