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Gary White

Author, Business Coach, and Human Behavior Consultant

Gary White is a rising Business Coach and Human Behavior Consultant.  Gary is an expert in leadership communication and human behavior. He holds certifications in DISC, Working Genius and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i & EQ-360.  Gary has traveled internationally with John C. Maxwell training and developing leaders in both the public and private sectors. Gary currently serves on John’s President’s Advisory Council where he leads the development of content for Executive Programs. Gary has shared the stage with John Maxwell, Maria Cosgrove, and Paul Martinelli.  

Gary has the unique skill set of identifying gaps, establishing order, and initiating positive culture change inside companies. He thrives on using his winning rhythm approach in business to help companies achieve stratospheric success in sales and company culture.  Gary is currently working with companies like Cisco, and organizations like Students for Liberty. 

Gary is the author of “Becoming A Highly Defined Leader.” He is dedicated to increasing the impact that individuals can have in their spheres of influence.  Gary believes that anyone can achieve a winning rhythm.  He operates in the space that “There is more, and it is available to you”.  Gary has been quoted as saying, “The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that one takes ’No’ for an answer and the other takes ‘Grow’ for an answer.”

His company is High Definition Coaching.  Gary and his coaches are making an impact in the global market equipping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business developers with world-class coaching.