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Christopher Harper

Visionary Entrepreneur & Community Impact Leader

Christopher Harper and his wife Jamie are the visionaries behind a dynamic array of ventures aimed at making a meaningful impact locally and globally. Together they lead Causeway Coffee, serving as a platform and fueling their mission to bring hope and support to existing ministries worldwide. Alongside Causeway Coffee, Christopher is the driving force behind Destin Dreamers, Elevated Laundry, HiTide Insurance Solutions, and Destin Luxury Group, all situated in the vibrant community of Destin, Florida.

Christopher’s journey began as a luxury home builder in Colorado Springs, where he honed his skills over 15 years. Guided by faith and fueled by a deep-seated desire to serve others, Christopher and Jamie embarked on a new chapter in Destin. Despite facing challenges, including Christopher’s own degenerative nerve condition, they made the bold decision to leave behind their successful home remodeling company and pursue their vision of making a difference.

Their ventures, including Destin Dreamers, Elevated Laundry, HiTide Insurance Solutions, and Destin Luxury Group, exemplify their commitment to giving back, both locally and globally. Inspired by their faith, Christopher and Jamie actively support ministries like Mission of Hope, contributing to positive change in their community and beyond.

As entrepreneurs with a heart for excellence, Christopher and Jamie prioritize quality and service in every endeavor. Whether managing luxury vacation rentals, providing top-tier laundry services, offering insurance solutions, or delivering exceptional real estate services, their dedication shines through, evident in their personal touch and unwavering standards.

Driven by their love for God, their employees, and the community they serve, Christopher and Jamie approach each day with gratitude and a sense of purpose. Their shared mission is to share their blessings with others, embracing each opportunity to make a difference and bring hope to those in need.