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Brandon Orr

PhD Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Sport and Performance Psychology 

Post-Doctoral Fellowship and Specialization in Moral Psychology, Moral Philosophy, & Neuropsychology

Cognitive Performance Specialist – United States Special Operations Command

Focuses on cognitive performance enhancement for increased lethality and stress metabolism through complex dynamic systems theory and constraint based applied scientific frameworks.  Performance coaching and enhancement in speeded and dynamic cognition for Advanced Skills Detachment including Urban Warfare, Maritime Operations, SNIPEDET, Marksmanship, CQB, Assessment and Selection as well as ODA optimization. 

Previously was Director of Performance Psychology for Air Force Special Warfare focused on development and enhancement of resilience for Air Force Special Warfare Candidates.  Developed and directed a framework for applied precepts and measurement of resilience in multi-dimensional domains of performance relative to assessment and selection of AFSW candidates.

Prior to his post with Air Force Special Warfare, Dr. Orr served as Director of both the Sport Psychology Masters/PhD Program and Coaching Psychology Masters program for The University of Missouri.