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Brandon T. Adams

Investor, Advisor, TV Producer

Brandon T. Adams is a 2X Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, TV Host, Media Expert, Investor and Advisor.  He is the founder of Accelerant Media Group which produces Commercials, Social Media Content, and TV Shows that Inspire and Motivate others. Brandon and his wife Samantha Rossin are the Founders of Rise and Record, which is an event that is all about sharing your story through video content and helping others get their message seen through video. 

Brandon is best known for his work as the host and Executive Producer of the Emmy Award Winning Show, “Success in Your City” which is a show on a mission to redefine the meaning of success. Success in Your City released on Amazon Prime in 2019 and is releasing on bspoke tv in early 2023. The show also is accompanied by the #1 best-selling book “The Road to Success: How to Achieve Success in Business, Life, and Love” which was written by Brandon and his wife Samantha Rossin.

He is the Associate Producer of the film, Think and Grow Rich The Legacy and the youngest person to be featured in the film. This film is based on the best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill which sold over 130 million copies worldwide.

Over the past 8 years Brandon has used his background and expertise in digital marketing, video marketing, and crowdfunding to raise over $70 Million collaboratively for various companies and have launched some of the biggest campaigns in history working with companies such as XPRIZE, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Kevin Harrington Enterprises, Think and Grow Rich The Legacy, Ambitious Adventures TV Show, and Jeff Hoffman, the Serial Entrepreneur behind