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Arlen Busenitz

Dynamic Communicator, Super Connector, COO of Destin Dreamers

Having overcome a speech impediment as a child, Arlen Busenitz has become a dynamic communicator who delivers practical life changing truths in an attention holding way.  He learned entrepreneurship and paid for college by digging up rocks out of his dads farm fields and selling them at the farmers market. This experience taught him the core principle to success and his life mission: Build relationships & deliver value.

As a super connector, Arlen connects people and organizations so they can go further together. Arlen develops strategies and mental frameworks which empower people and organizations to operate at a high-performance level and to truly thrive in life using their God-given abilities. He delivers these frameworks through speaking, coaching, and videos.  Arlen is the Chief Operating Officer of Destin Dreamers and lives these frameworks daily. He is married with five kids and holds a Masters in Ministry Leadership.