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Andy McKoski

Founder of Chiringo & Chiringa

Originally from South Florida, Andy grew up in the restaurant business and paid for college waiting tables and tending bar. He liked the work, but viewed it as a way to pay tuition while having a little fun along the way. He studied finance at Florida State University and then embarked on a career that led him across the east coast to cities including Orlando, Miami, New York and ultimately Atlanta.

In 2006, Andy received the opportunity to become a partner at Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, a casual Tex-Mex style restaurant and bar.  Returning to the service industry at this stage in his life reignited a passion for the people involved in the business from the staff to the customers, and he realized that he enjoyed running a restaurant. During Andy’s tenure as the operating partner, Tin Lizzy’s quickly became a popular gathering spot. 

Andy and his wife April love traveling and their travels continuously return them to Spain and the numerous chiringuitos (beach bars) that dot the coast.   

With a desire to open his own “chiringuito”, Andy teamed up with some friends to build a new concept.  He hoped to bring “the taste” of his experience to the States by creating a unique gathering spot to enjoy fresh BEACH food, drink, and people.  Chiringo opened on Grayton Beach, FL in April 2016.  

In 2018, CHIRINGA, the smaller sister concept, opened in Alpharetta, GA and is grounded in the same philosophy; food and drinks should be SIMPLE, FRESH, and FUN!