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Samantha Adams

Founder, SNFLWR Agencies

Samantha is a Marketing and Social Media dynamo. After building her first influencer network at 21 worth over 1.5M in revenue through partnerships and placements, she worked in the corporate world streamlining and strategizing social media, being a main contributor for the company doubling their social media following to reach 1M followers in a calendar year.

SNFLWR Agencies was born in 2020 and specializes in Influencer Marketing, social strategy and branding. SNFLWR is passionate about connecting products, entrepreneurs and customers through genuine and authentic collaboration. We’ve been a vital part in managing campaigns for ACE Hardware, the Super Bowl, and have helped over 50 small businesses launch with a solid social media presence. We manage anything and everything from initial outreach, price negotiation, contracting and execution for a flawless Influencer campaign, as well as social posting strategy, branding, templates, and more. 

Sam is a passionate entrepreneur and embodies connecting everyone through warmth and authenticity. The name of the game is connection, and she’ll help you do just that!